Each Scout Troop consists of small units of six to eight Scouts called a Patrol, usually led by a Patrol Leader. Outdoor activities feature prominently, with the highlight being camping. Throughout the year, Scouts learn various skills, such as map reading, camp cooking and first aid in preparation for camp. Rock climbing, potholing, gliding, photography and international experiences are just some of the things they get up to.

How much does it cost ?

Scouts are run entirely by volenteers and recieve their funding from fundraising. It only costs £3-00 per session or if you would like to pay monthly please see the home page.

When is it ?

Scouts currently run on a Thursday evening for two hours from 18:30 to 20:30. If your child would like to join Scouts please join us on a Thursday evening.

The Scout uniform

The Scout uniform comprises of a shirt worn with the groups individual necker design. The badge positions are shown on the image in this PDF (Badges) which can be dowloaded and printed for future reference..


More infomation about the 1st Billinghay Scouts added soon .

Scout Promise

On my honour, I promise that I will do my best

To do my duty to God and to the Queen,

To help other people And to keep the Scout Law

Scout Law

A Scout is to be trusted.

A Scout is loyal.

A Scout is friendly and considerate.

A Scout belongs to the worldwide family of Scouts.

A Scout has courage in all difficulties.

A Scout makes good use of time and is careful of possessions and property.

A Scout has self-respect and respect for others.